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Family Reunion Fundraisers That Sell Themselves

January 24, 2010

Counting down the days to your reunion and still don’t have enough funds?  Tired of putting your own money in to make the reunion a success?  Well, you’re not alone.  Many family reunion planners find themselves in the same place–big dreams and little cash.  Why?  Everyone wants to get together, but not everyone has any money to make the trip.

It goes without saying that reunions cost money, and in these economic times, everybody needs all the help they can get.  Making it seem like money does grow on trees, these easy family reunion fundraisers almost sell themselves!

Reunion CD: Filled with pictures from the weekend, selling a reunion CD lets them relive all the fun and family time when they view the pictures–long after the weekend is over.  Giving them more than just a family photo, it can include video, digital family tree, family recipes and pictures and costs very little to reproduce.

Keepsake Plate: Who wouldn’t want this beautiful display of your family tree as a keepsake family reunion souvenir?  Beautifully made, this porcelain family tree gift plate is personalized with your family’s information (up to 10 names) and is perfect for all ages!  They’re so nice, everyone will want to take one home and even buy one for those who couldn’t attend.

Pass The Plate: If you have a church-going family, have your church service at the hotel instead of church.  Most likely, there’s a preacher in the family, so have him or her bring the message and use the offering as seed money for the next year or a scholarship fund for the kids.  Voila! You’ve created instant cash flow without even trying.

In addition to being great fundraisers, the family tree plate and reunion CD make a great family reunion gift.  Let me know about any other family reunion ideas that worked well for you!

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