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Avoid The Family Reunion Planning Blues

June 29, 2009
Coordinating a family reunion can be a challenge, but with proper planning, you can pull it together without pulling your hair out!  Here’s how:

1) START EARLY! One year in advance is a good time to secure hotels, especially in your in a big convention city like Atlanta, Dallas, Orlando or Chicago.  This also gives your family members time to plan, save money, purchase plane tickets or ask for time off from work.

2) KEEP IN TOUCH: You know the old saying, “Out of sight, ought of mind.”  Well, if you don’t keep in contact with your family, they’ll likely forget about due dates, deposits, etc.  It’s a good idea to send something quarterly to keep the momentum and excitement going. Get a family website, blog, create a family e-newsletter, send calling posts or snail mail will get their attention.

3) FREE IS FUN: Most cities offer free festivals, events and concerts in the park during the summer months. Adding these to your agenda is an inexpensive way to show off your city. Check out public venues for banquets and picnics, which are typically less expensive to rent that others. Even having an event poolside at the hotel can be a fun, low cost twist.

4) DO WHAT WORKS! Why reinvent the wheel when planning your reunion when your Convention and Visitor’s Bureau has done the work for you.  They can refer you to resources for everything from activities and tours to family reunion souvenirs and hotels.  Some even offer reunion workshops and volunteers to help at your reunion.

Remember to give your reunion personality (a flair for the city it’s in), make it fun and use these tips for a stress-free celebration.

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